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In the 1970s, the Sikh community in South Carolina lacked a dedicated Gurdwara, conducting religious services in homes. Gurpurb and events were observed in Georgia and North Carolina. In 1990, community leaders initiated plans for a Gurdwara, securing architectural plans from Rene Mangat. The donation drive fueled the project, leading to the establishment of the Sikh Religious Society of South Carolina in 1995 on a donated 3.64-acre tract. The initial 60’ X 60’ building served both religious ceremonies and langar.

Prayer Hall

As congregation was increasing, Community decided to work on a bigger prayer hall and to use first building as dining hall. A fund drive was initiated to apply for the bank loan. Architect Abhay Pradhan of North Carolina graciously donated architectural plans for the new 7000 square feet building. Half of the total cost of new building was raised by the community of South Carolina.


Langar Sewa

Langar Sewa epitomizes altruism, offering free meals to everyone, nurturing community, promoting equality, compassion, and breaking down social barriers

Kirtan Darbar

Kirtan Darbar, a sacred congregation, echoes with soulful melodies, creating a celestial ambiance that uplifts spirits and strengthens the bonds of community.

Welfare Discussion

Welfare discussion: Exploring ways to uplift societal well-being, confronting challenges, and fostering partnerships for a positive community impact and lasting change.

Educational Program

Educational program: Nurturing minds with diverse learning avenues, cultivating knowledge, skills, and instilling a lifelong passion for learning in individuals.


Young individuals who actively participate in various aspects of Gurudwara activities, fostering a sense of community and passing down Sikh values to the younger generation.

Social Service

Social service: Devoted to enhancing lives through altruistic deeds, generating positive influence, and constructing a caring community for the well-being of all.



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Langar seva

The Sikh  Society of South Carolina exemplifies langer seva, providing selfless service through communal meals, fostering unity, and compassion.


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